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How to download books to your kindle without using whispernet or going through Amazon.

Many Kindle owners only use whispernet to deliver and download their books from Amazon kindle bookstore, direct to their Kindle device.

This is very easy but it does mean that the only books you get to see are those offered from Amazon.

There are a few other types of  kindle bookstore on the internet with many free titles.

For a great kindle bookstore you could start with is Project Gutenberg – which contains over 40,000 free titles of royalty free books transferred into e reader format by volunteers.

This number keeps increasing as new titles are added every day.

So how do you download books to your Kindle device without using the Amazon whispernet system?

It is actually very easy but not as straightforward as it sounds.

Here’s how you do it - using Gutenberg as an example.

Using your computer, browse the books by category, author, most popular recent downloads or any search criteria you choose.

There are some weird and wonderful titles on Gutenberg so you should find something of interest and you can always fall back on classic literature if you are stuck.

Once you find the book you want, click on it and you will see a range of formats displayed beneath the title.

kindle free books
Choose the kindle format (sometimes you will be given a choice whether to download with or without images - it’s your choice.)

The file will sometimes have a kindle link as an option otherwise you need the file with a .mobi extension after its file name.

Click on this and the file will download to your computer automatically as a mobi file in a couple of seconds.

A .mobi file is just the name of the type of file that is compatible to be read on Kindle. At this stage, the file will not have the title of the book.

I downloaded Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, but it downloaded to my computer as –

Do not worry about that, it changes automatically one it gets onto your Kindle.

It is then a good idea to move it to your desktop so you don’t lose it on your list of downloads.

Then attach your Kindle to your computer via the USB cable.

Once it connects and the window opens, choose the “open folder to view files” option, then click on documents.

You will then see your book titles. These are the names of the files stored on your kindle as documents.

Drag the mobi file across from your desktop into the documents folder of your kindle, and you are done. Close the window and remove the USB cable.

Open your Kindle. Your new book will appear in the normal way at the head of your list of books. Miraculously by the time it gets to your Kindle, the proper title is there too.

Your kindle will be able to accept mobi files from any other sources - and there are a number of free books sites on the internet, which may be worth taking a look at.

Your kindle will also read files in other formats, doc. (word), txt, pdf or .Lit (the Microsoft reader format).

You can get them across to your kindle in exactly the same way as described and they should work.

However you can’t always change things like point size on some of these formats.

I hope this helps you start to find a kindle bookstore and increase your choice of the growing range of free kindle books available.

kindle bookstore download from gutenberg

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