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Fifty Shades Freed by E L James kindle free books

Part 3 of the controversial 50 shades trilogy.

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"In a class by itself."
--"Entertainment Weekly"

free books for kindle 50 shades freedFifty Shades Freed  (fiction)
E L James (Author)
customer reviews (Yes)
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Reviews from Amazon:
This book sees Anastasia wanting more from her relationship with Christian, and for fear of losing her he agrees to commitment. Ana needs to try and help him overcome his past and move on. Their relationship is challenging at times but Ana is very supportive, but he still has a way to go. 

Ana finds it hard to get her head around the fact that the wealth is now hers too, and still remains fiercly independent. However there is someone in their lives who is determined to see it all come crashing down around them. This adds some intrigue and mystery to the book which was a bit slow and repetitive at the start.

I don't feel this book is as strong as books 1 and 2, and at times it felt laboured. The author seemed to have found a thread and stretched it out too much which made me skim pages. I hate it when a book does that. However, even with all that, I still enjoyed the book.

After taking a liking to Christian in the 2 previous books, in this one I found him rather more controlling and vicious at the start. Some of his actions sometimes bordered more on domestic violence/battery rather than BDSM (see my review on book one for an explanation!). I think some people may be offended by this.

The intrigue kept me reading though, and although I had already figured out in book two, who it was that was responsible for causing them problems (even though it wasn't revealed until this book), there was still a twist as to who their accomplice was.

I did feel this book answered a lot of the questions that the first two books left you guessing at, and unlike some other reviews on Amazon, I felt that it ended quite well.
Thankfully I have now crawled to the end of this series. Amongst the poverty of plot, paucity of writing & preposterous sex scenes I found I had actually learned a few things:

A) Repetition, repetition, repetition. I could probably write a composite Ana/Christian love scene, ending with the requisite shattering, but I couldn't actually pick out a single love scene from the books to describe to you. Who knew sex scenes could be the dullest part of an erotic novel?

B) I've been doing kissing ALL wrong. I have never had to push both of my hands into my husband's hair in order to accurately position our lips together. Stupid me! I've just been going on the fact that they're conveniently located about 3/4 of an inch under his nose.

C) Virgins can have multiple orgasms immediately on embarking on a sex life, but they cannot use the word vagina, or penis. These are obviously filthy terms and have no place whatsoever in a book about deviant sexual desires.

D )Honeymoon cystitis is obviously no problem for Ana's seemingly indestructible vagina - sorry, 'sex'.

E) A sensible point can be made in a bad trilogy about the actual nature of the BDSM 'relationship' between an older woman and an under age boy.

F) Biting your lip makes billionaires want to spank you.

G) I'll no longer think of the happy trail as the path to the nearest shop selling chocolate.

H) Parts of the UK are suffering a thesaurus shortage. I didn't need one to write this review.

I) I *quite liked* the stupid emails, which has now destroyed all credibility I may have had as a reviewer.

J) The most exciting thing about these novels was reading them under the covers at night on my smartphone.

Oh E.L. I wish you'd read some P.D. James. 

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Fifty Shades Freed by E L James kindle free books download and review

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