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A Trick of Light by Karen Blomain kindle free books £3.99

When Hattie Darling’s husband Ben dies on his first night home from an extended business trip, she is devastated.

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When Hattie Darling’s husband Ben dies on his first night home from an extended business trip, she is devastated.

But when she finds among his belongings evidence that there had been another woman in his life, Hattie is unable to mourn Ben as she thinks she should. In an attempt to make peace with her discovery, and against the advice of her friends, Hattie decides to find the other woman and confront her.

At the heart of this emotional novel is the intertwining of the lives of two very different women who connect in unexpected and inspiring ways.

About the Author

Karen Blomain, a native of Pennsylvania, has received two PEN USA Syndicated Fiction Prizes, numerous fellowships and residencies. She has published four volumes of poetry and has edited an anthology of regional poetry. She received an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University and has conducted writing workshops in France, Austria, Russia and throughout the United States. Blomain and her husband, the writer and photographer Michael Downend, live in Mexico and Pennsylvania.

free books for kindleA Trick of Light (fiction)
Karen Blomain (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:
Odd, that a book that leaves me with more questions than answers should be so satisfying, so moving, so thought-provoking. Karen Blomain traces one woman's horrifying discovery of her late husband's double life through the decisions that woman makes, the impact of those decisions on her friends and family, and the painful growth she experiences as she gives comfort to those she came prepared to hate. 

Beautifully drawn contrasts between urban and rural life, reflections on the pull of duty in family bonds, and the unexpected rebirth of passion, all these and more await the reader. And yet, perhaps the greatest gift of this enchanting narrative is the reader's inevitable grappling with the "what if's". 

How would I handle challenges such as these? What if the protagonist had made other choices? What, after all, is really important in life?
A Trick of Light is a beautifully accessible novel with specific characters and events shaped by the real world. They are touching and familiar, and the voice that tells of them is honest, respectful, and unpretentious. 

What is particularly impressive is the construction of the novel's chapters. In some cases, they are no longer than a prose poem, bringing our attention to the smallest nuances, pauses, gestures, that collectively bring a character to life. 

In a sense, one could argue that the book works cinematic ally in the way that it moves gracefully from scene to scene, but it is the poetry of the language that really shines through and makes each "scene" satisfying and moving. 

What is more? It's a page-turner, a piece of literature that is immediately engrossing and one I found very hard to put down.
Trick of Light is a subtly layered book that takes a reader effortlessly through the tragedy and nightmare of two families' lives. The protagonist Hattie is so vivid, I felt like cheering when she reaches insights and her hard fought victory. 

It is a tribute to Blomain's writing that I could suspend disbelief when Hattie chooses to stay and help her deceased husband Ben's second family. And it is remarkable that the cad in question is also revealed to have hidden depths, and that Ben's betrayal of his first family is not only plausible, but makes a kind of sense. 

After reading Season of Lost Children, the second book of a planned trilogy,I went back to read Trick of Light and I'm sure glad I did. The plot unfolds like petals opening on a flower, all the main characters are richly drawn, and Blomain uses a settings in New England as eloquently as dialogue.

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A Trick of Light by Karen Blomain kindle free books download and review

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