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Gutenberg books can be read on your kindle

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Gutenberg books can be read on your kindle

The Nook, Kindle, Sony EReader, iPad and other eBook readers can display Project Gutenberg eBooks

Different devices and download formats offer different features for displaying and manipulating the eBooks. They can all display eBooks for reading a page at a time.

Other available features might include choice of fonts, sizes and colors; bookmark or annotation functionality; and options for sharing.

There are several different ways of obtaining and viewing the titles, and most people will be able to choose whichever suits them best.

Before getting started, check with your device's documentation to determine which formats you can display.

This page lists the formats that Project Gutenberg offers:

Help on Bibliographic Record Page

Project Gutenberg Mobile Site

Here are some of the ways to get Project Gutenberg eBooks to your eBook reader or mobile phone:

1. Try the new Project Gutenberg Mobile Site.
2. Download eBooks directly to your device over the Internet. If your device is Internet-enabled, just visit the catalog page for a book, and download one of the formats your device can display. Here is a sample catalog page: Use the author/title search boxes on every page at to find eBooks you are interested in.
3. Download to your computer, using your Web browser. Then, transfer the book's file(s) to your device using a USB cable or similar method. Before copying, you might use a program on your computer to transform the files to another format.
4. Use a third party site (including some for-fee sites), which facilitate getting files onto your device.

Here is the magic catalog for Project Gutenberg titles, created in MOBI and EPUB versions (MOBI is suitable for the Kindle):
5. Other methods, as supported by your device. For example, the Kindle supports an email method to transform and receive files.

Gutenberg books on your kindle

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