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The classic Desert island tale of Robinson Crusoe.

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As a young man Robinson Crusoe is a wandering impulsive who against his parents wishes goes to sea.

This book follows his adventures which take him haphazardly around the world where he becomes shipwrecked alone on an island.

This book is the truly amazing tale of his life and his approach to survival and living alone.

The classic Desert island tale.

Thomas Keymer provides a splendid introduction and richly explanatory endnotes (co-written with James Kelly (Adam Potkay, Recent Studies in the Restoration and Eighteenth Century )

ebook free for kindleRobinson Crusoe (fiction)
Daniel Defoe (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:

Robinson Crusoe is best taken at two levels, the literal adventure story of survival on an isolated island and as a metaphor for finding one's way through life. I recommend that everyone read the book who is willing to look at both of those levels. If you only want the adventure story, you may not be totally satisfied. The language, circumstances, and attitudes may put you off so that you would prefer to be reading a Western or Space-based adventure story with a more modern perspective.

Few books require anyone to rethink the availability and nature of the fundamentals of life: Water, food, shelter, clothing, and entertainment. Then having become solitary in our own minds as a reader, Defoe adds the extraordinary complication of providing a companion who is totally different from Crusoe. This provides the important opportunity to see Crusoe's civilized limitations compared to Friday's more natural ones. The comparisons will make for thought-provoking reading for those who are able to overcome the stalled thinking that the educated, civilized route is always the best.

One of the things that I specially liked about the book is the Crusoe is an ordinary person in many ways, making lots of mistakes, and having lots of setbacks. Put a modern Superhero (from either the comic books, adventure or spy novels, or the movies) into this situation, and it would all be solved in a few minutes with devices from the heel of one's shoe. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I liked the trial-and-error explorations. They seemed just like everyday life, and made the book's many lessons come home to me in a more fundamental way.

Have a good solitary trip through this book!
am not quite sure what the other reviewers of this text expected from the world's oldest English novel. I do feel that they may think that it does not live up to the film / television versions.

However, if one reads from the understanding that this text is almost 300 years old, and that to truly understand it properly, you need an 'AS' or 'A' levels or higher in English; then in the context of the period it stands out as a true work of the writers' art.

If you want a Hollywood romp, then watch the DVD. If you want to learn how and why Daniel Defoe wrote this, then this book is a good place to start, with excellent notes and an introductory essay by Oxford University academics.
Just a quickie. Some of the above reviews remind us of how slow and boring this book can be and how repetitive. Well, guys, that's the point. How exciting do you suppose being stranded alone on an Island can be? What would you do to pass the time? Defoe takes us back to a time before T.V etc. Your day would be boring, although eventually menial tasks save ones sanity. Time does pass slowly as it looses relevance. It's not a classic for nothing.

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