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This edition of Jane Eyre illustrates the way literature addresses important moral and political issues.

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As a narrator, Jane is ideal: objective enough to provide us with a good account of events, outspoken enough to bump the plot along whenever it needs bumping, and virtuous enough never to frustrate our expectations.

Often enough, our viewpoint is hers; only we're not quite so witty and we're without quite so apt an eye for injustice--again making Jane, in page-after-page of her revelations, a delight to read. The novel's rhetoric is also inventive, accomplishing its routine narrative tasks via devices more elaborate than are probably necessary, yet with something fresh about each.

Jane's attempt to chide herself into abandoning her interest in her brooding employer, Edward Rochester, takes the form of a contest between two mental pictures, and the inevitable attempt by Rochester to coax out Jane's feelings involves an elaborate and well-detailed ruse involving disguises and a gypsy fortune teller. The book, and its narrator, both definitely have charm: we like Jane, we like what she says, and we want to see what she will say next.

I go back to ["Jane Eyre"] so often and it was one of the first books that made me think, 'This is me, in some deep way.' (Suzanne Vega) 

free books for kindleJane Eyre (fiction)

Charlotte Bronte (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:

Very nice edition! it is smaller than a "normal" book, as is clear from the dimensions given in the product information section, but is not more difficult to read. I have many of these books and I absolutely love them, I am just disappointed that some authors are not published (like Mrs Gaskell).

I found it a bit misleading to give 1 star to a book like Jane Eyre just because somebody didn't like the dimension of it, so i decided to write this review to give my impression of these editions which are absolutely elegant and special.

When you think of it, it's somehow incredible that a book first published in 1847 could still be relevant in 2012. What changes has humankind not gone through in those 165 years? But set aside the language and vocabulary, and what's left is a truly timeless (and universal) tale, that deservedly continues and will continue to appeal. 

I need not summarize the plot here as many other reviewers have done so before me, but will only say (though many before me have done that as well) that this is a very gripping, powerful book with a language to match. In Thackeray's words, 'the master work of a great genius', and who am I doubt his judgement? This is most deservedly a classic, and the introduction by Steve Davies is excellent as well.
Wife bought this for the kindle for use in writing exam papers for gcse English, it is ideal as you can pick a certain word and highlight it and search and kindle finds all references to that word saves having to read the whole book. an ideal tool.

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Jane Eyre Charlotte Brontë kindle free books download and review

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