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Eye of the needle Ken Follett kindle free books

His weapon is the stiletto, his codename: The Needle. (0.20p for a limited time only)

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His weapon is the stiletto, his codename: The Needle.

He is Henry Faber, a coldly professional killer and Germany's most feared deep-cover agent in Britain.

His task: to discover the Allies' plans for D-Day, and get them to Germany at all costs.

It's a task he undertakes with customary relish and ruthlessness - until he encounters Storm Island, and a woman called Lucy . . . 

free kindle booksEye of the needle (fiction)
Ken Follett (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:

I read this book ages ago, when still a teenager, and recently I was happy to discover, that "The eye of the needle" really didn't age at all. This fast paced and quite violent story is about the last German spy still operating in 1944 in Great Britain. 

Although this is pure fiction, it is a very good read, as the author did his best to make the story stick to the reality of WWII. The "hero" of the book is a very bad guy, but it is impossible not to feel at least a little for him, as he is trying to escape the tightening noose, with a vital piece of information - he is totally alone, very far from home, in a totally hostile place and faces certain death at the slightest mistake or weakness. 

The way in which he deals with all the adversities forces some respect. His final fate is very surprising and gives this novel a flavour rarely seen in spy stories. This is a really good book for holidays or a long rainy weekend - I enjoyed it mightily. Ken Follett wrote some good spy novels later - but this is his first and best, no argument there.
Hitler must ultimately decide what threats are real and when. He relies on the one man he knows can accomplish the task of finding out the truth. So he sends to England “The Needle” a deep cover spy who is so confident that he does not let the intermediate folk get in his way. Any that do do not live to tell about it.

First, they have to believe that he actually exists. Then they have to find him. It they can find him, can they stop him?

Yes, the story is intriguing. Yet it is the people interaction (loyalty, love, and credibility) and the attitude of "The Needle" that make the story. Ultimately, the question is will he succeed and what effect will this have on future generations of those who knew him.
I read this years ago but would like to include it among my reviews as it was one of my early favourite spy stories.

Faber has survived as the only German spy at large in Britain because he does not trust the network he is supposed to rely on. He is a loner and ruthless. 

He soon discovers the secret of D-Day but is marooned upon a remote island off the coast of Britain, where a bitter invalided ex-fighter pilot lives in virtual seclusion with his unhappy wife and child.

It is a thrilling adventure story without being in the least bit corny. The film version is also very good.

Out of interest, the only enemy agent known to remain at large in Britain during the war was a Dutchman, Englebertus Fukken. But he only survived from November 1940 to April 1941, when he committed suicide. .

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Eye of the needle Ken Follett kindle free books download and review

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