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Intimate Strangers by Laura Taylor - kindle free books

Ex-mercenary and former CIA covert operative, assumes Hannah is yet another adversary intent on exacting lethal revenge for his past deeds.

Intimate Strangers by Laura Taylor
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School teacher and advocate of abused children Hannah Cassidy invades a private retreat in the N. Nevada wilderness. Ignoring posted No Trespassing signs and the property's angry owner, she dismisses his threats and demands that he reveal her missing brother's location.
Nicholas Benteen, ex-mercenary and former CIA covert operative, assumes she is yet another adversary intent on exacting lethal revenge for his past deeds.

He will fight to the death to protect the sanctuary he has created for himself and those from his past he has vowed to safeguard. Even as Hannah penetrates Nicholas’s isolation and melts the ice that encases his weary heart, she is seduced by the sensual, battle scarred veteran and the dark secrets of his past. 

Intimate Strangers by Laura TaylorIntimate Strangers (fiction)
Laura Taylor (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:

Hannah Cassidy is looking for her long lost brother Sean. Their Mother is really sick and needs an operation. Hannah's search leads her to north Nevada and the wilderness home of Nicholas Benteen. At first Nicholas is reluctant to speak to Hannah, but she is stubborn and determined, and simply refuses to leave. 

Hannah decides that she will sleep in her van, but a turn in the weather forces Nicholas to go outside to confront Hannah. Once he brings her into his home he is shocked at his physical reaction to Hannah, but puts it down to his isolation living away from civilisation. It is not long before the sexual tension between them is hotter than either one of them can handle.

Loved this story from the first to the last page. Wonderful descriptive writing that flowed because it was so well paced. The characters of Hannah and Nicholas were so well written with real depth. I just loved Nicholas he was a true alpha male, but without being arrogant and too domineering, a fact that many authors seem to get wrong. Nicholas had led a dangerous life full of secrets and violence. 

He did not think that any woman could accept him for who he was considering his past. Hannah was a teacher she also worked with abused children. It was her experience in that area that enabled her to see Nicholas pain immediately,add in the fact that she was seriously attracted to this man, made for an engrossing read.

I recommend this story it is full of emotion that the author manages to convey to the reader. The love scenes are just perfect full of passion but more than that you really believe in the feelings that he h/h feel for one another.

This is an excellent read that I would have missed out on, had it not appeared as a Kindle freebie. After reading this, I checked out more by this author, and am pleased to say that she's written more in this vein.

This is the tale of Hannah, a teacher whose mum is about to undergo heart surgery, and whose wish is to see her son again. Sean has been missing for 15 years, but Hannah is determined to find him, and ends up on the property of Nicholas Benteen, who she knows was an associate of her brother.

Nicholas is an ex-mercenary, soldier of fortune, and yes, he knows Sean and in fact has been protecting him and others for years, victims of PTSD and wars. He is initially highly suspicious of Hannah, and refuses to even listen to her, but a snowstorm rages and he has to allow her into his home...and eventually, he begins to trust her and to allow her into his heart.

I loved this tale. I loved the total about-face from Nicholas when he realised that Hannah was a truly decent person who cared about her brother and doing what was best for their mother. She had no guile, no ulterior motive and her feelings for Nicholas were honest, open and giving. I loved how she even held herself back when she finally met her brother, realising what he needed in order not to bolt. I loved how she was prepared to give her all to Nicholas, simply because she loved him and he needed her. Without coming across as a do-gooder or soppy, she in her own quiet, determined way, is one of the strongest female characters I've read about.

Add to the above some progress, though slight with Sean, a touch of a mystery, some great dialogue, some smoking sex scenes and a HEA, and this is a gem of a tale. 

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Intimate Strangers by Laura Taylor kindle free books download and review

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