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FREE: Crime in the Community by Cecilia Peartree Download and Review

Christopher thinks he has his life under control until Amaryllis arrives in town. A Multi layered mystery.
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Christopher thinks he has his life under control until the mysterious Amaryllis arrives in the little town, spreading chaos and confusion in her wake.

Suddenly he isn't sure about anything any more. Will he learn to relax and go with the flow or will he try desperately to remain in charge even in the face of domestic upsets and strange things happening all around him?

Crime in the Community (fiction)
Cecilia Peartree (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:

It is a bit hard to describe this novel, it is part thriller, part crime novel, and part cosy mystery. Also filled with gentle humour this is a book that isn't full of hard man action, but a nice relaxing read, that will definitely hold your interest.

Christopher is the chairman of the PLIF (Pitkirtly Local Improvement Forum), a small group who meet in a local pub and don't really do anything, after all Pitkirtly is a quiet backwater of a place. When Amaryllis, a retired spy moves to town though things start to get more interesting. With Amaryllis' plans for the local hall to be brought back into use, and Christopher's sister having a full breakdown things are rather hectic. But with a person mysteriously going missing, Christopher being offered a package of money, and even the PLIF supposedly having had council monetary support in the past, which no one knows about, things are getting a whole lot more complex, especially when Christopher is abducted.

Full of quirkiness and with some characters that will make you chuckle this is well worth reading. This would also make a good little mini-series for TV, so if you work in the industry this may well be worth you getting. I will have to check out some more books by this author.
Here's another book I wouldn't have read if it hadn't been free on Kindle because I thought it might turn out to be rather silly. The writing is very good, the characters come alive in spite of the quirky humour throughout the novel. I really enjoyed it and the crime aspect was interesting enough to make me want to read it quickly to find out the answers to the various happenings. Although the answer didn't astound me, it wasn't blatantly obvious either. Now I'm going to buy the other two novels by the author Cecilia Peartree (surely not a real name!). After reading this, I am happy to pay for them.
I really enjoyed this book. It was gentle meandering journey with quite a lot of twists and turns. The information to propel the story forward was released at just the right time. I shall seek out further work by the author. The only disappointment was the use of the name Amaryllis for a character. As a novelist myself I've often thought of using that name but probably won't now. A good read and highly recommended.

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Crime in the Community by Cecilia Peartree kindle free books download and review

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