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Pear Shaped by Stella Newman Download and Review

pear shaped by stella newman

Girl meets boy. Girl loses boy. Girl loses mind. Smart, laugh-out-loud funny and above all, recognizable

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If you are a girl with a passion for food, this modern city heartbreak is the book for you. -
A novel about love, heartbreak and dessert.

Girl meets boy.
Girl loses boy.
Girl loses mind.

Sophie Klein walks into a bar one Friday night and her life changes. She meets James Stephens: charismatic, elusive, and with a hosiery model ex who casts a long, thin shadow over their burgeoning relationship. He’s clever, funny and shares her greatest pleasure in life – to eat and drink slightly too much and then have a little lie down. Sophie’s instinct tells her James is too good to be true – and he is.

An exploration of love, heartbreak, self-image, self-deception and lots of food. Pear-Shaped is in turns smart, laugh-out-loud funny and above all, recognizable to women everywhere.

Pear Shaped by Stella NewmanPear Shaped (fiction)
Stella Newman (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:

This was just such a great read. I started it last night and finished it under my desk at work today...
Despite the chick-lit cover, Pear Shaped isn't your typical romance with a bit of baking thrown in. Instead this is a heart-felt exploration of an unbalanced relationship and the damaging impact it can have on your mind and body.

The heroine, Sophie is warm and likeable and the writing is very sharp witted and well observed. At times I couldn't believe that Sophie was putting herself through such emotional heart ache, but actually this was the book's strength - we've all been in this situation, or something close to it.
The story was very fast paced, so much so that I might have to read it through a second time to pick up all the delicious foodie bits.

I'm looking forward to the next Stella Newman (maybe with a better cover next time?)
I never read chick lit as it can be a bit inane, and I'm not interested in books about shopping. My friend was raving about this - and I have to admit from the cover I thought it might be a bit fluffy, but it's utterly brilliant. Clever, funny, sad, realistic - doesn't read like some nonsense fairy tale where everything is solved over a cocktail. On one page I was laughing and on the next I was just feeling so much for the character - anyone who's been in a rubbish relationship should relate. And the food stuff is fab - made me hungry on every page. Great stuff.
Don't be deceived by the sugary chick-lit cover. This book is beautifully written, elegantly observed and utterly compelling. Newman has a sharp wit that combines hilarity and heartbreak, often in the same sentence. You will never look at puddings in the same way again after reading this book. Similarly, you'll probably also find it difficult to like anyone called James. Buy it, read it, yearn for the screenplay...
Brilliant book, adore the writing style. I went through every emotion whilst reading it - laughing mostly, and definitely feeling hungry reading about the delicious sounding food. I also loved the extra touch of having recipes and fantastic places to eat at the end of Pear Shaped. Would definitely recommend this book highly, my only problem was I finished it too quickly as I couldn't put it down and now feel a slight gap in my life & commute.

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