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The New Kindle Touch Review

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The new Kindle Touch has just been released in the UK and costs £109. It has a lot of great functions, and the new streamlined and improved design has not compromised on any existing features.

So what’s changed?

The most noticeable improvement is the touch screen. Now instead of using buttons, you simply turn pages by using your finger so is similar to the experience of reading a traditional book.

And, if the sales of iPhones and tablets are anything to go by, it seems that most people prefer this function.

The Kindle Touch is smaller and lighter than the original Kindle. You can fit it easily into a pocket or bag, despite having the same size screen as the earlier models.

It is also easier to navigate. You can browse Amazon or take notes via the drop down keyboard – much easier than the small keyboard buttons of the original Kindle, and less clunky than the model with the five way control button.

You can read your Kindle one handed! The smaller size and the touch screen technology means you can hold the Kindle Touch and turn pages using the same hand.

The Kindle Touch is available in extra languages. You can set the language to French, English, German,

he keyboard on the Kindle Touch and the  Kindle Touch 3G are available via the touchscreenSpanish, Italian, or Brazilian Portuguese –and this works for home and menu displays and dictionary support.

The Kindle Touch can hold up to 3000 books. However if you exceed this you can store your library on line with Amazon and access to your kindle or other kindles linked to your account whenever you want.

Unlike the earlier £89 model, the Kindle Touch has a text to speech function so any book can be read to you. You do not have to rely on audio book versions to be able to hear them, so will please readers with visual impairments. You can also play audio books and mp3s too.

A new X Ray function allows readers explore the “bones of the book” with a simple tap of the screen.

You can see all the passages, ideas, fictional characters, descriptions from Wikipedia and and Shelfari – Amazon’s on line forum for book lovers. This function many please some people although many may will wonder if it is necessary as it may spoil the experience of reading the book.

See the Kindle Touch Range on Amazon

What is the same?

The E ink remains on the Kindle Touch and delivers crisp text and images that can be seen even in bright sunlight. Many people were concerned that this vital function would be lost by the touch screen but Amazon claim that it is even better than ever.

The long lasting battery life remains at a similar high level and should only need charging once every two months if you read for half an hour a day with the wireless setting off –

The screen size is the same but the housing is much more lightweight and streamline.

You can adjust the font size and style according to personal preference
The built in Wifi enables you to download books within 60 seconds and browse Amazon.

The Kindle Touch is also available with a built in 3G system. This costs £169 and will suit you if you are on the move or do not have internet access at home.

Many people have found that this version suits elderly parents without internet access because it means that they can download books from home. Remember that 3G access does need a phone contract in place.


The Kindle Touch has improved the Kindle experience. "It is almost as if Amazon have sat down and listened to their customers"!  The touch screen is great to use and the e ink is as crisp and easy to read as ever. It is designed for readers and book lovers of all ages and is easy to operate. The sound quality is a good as well.

Most importantly the Kindle Touch has kept it simple. It is not full of bells and whistles – in other words, it is not the Kindle Fire.

If you love reading and are already hooked on your kindle ,or you are just thinking about getting one for yourself or someone else , the Kindle Touch is the one to choose!

The New Kindle Touch Review

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