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FREE: Diary of a Pilgrimage by Jerome K. Jerome Download and Review

In this book, I tell you all about Germany - at all events all I know about Germany!

Diary of a Pilgrimage by Jerome K. Jerome
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"This is a sensible book. I want you to understand that. This is a book to improve your mind. In this book, I tell you all about Germany - at all events all I know about Germany - and the "Ober-Ammergau Passion Play". I also tell you about other things.

I do not tell you all I know about all these other things because I do not want to swamp you with knowledge. I wish to teach you gradually. I should only be defeating my own object that I, by making you think too much at first, give you a perhaps lasting dislike to the exercise.

I have purposely put the matter in a light and attractive form so that I may secure the alteration of the young and frivolous.

I do not want them to notice as they go on, that they are being instructed; and I have therefore endeavoured to disguise from them, so far as practicable, that this is to either an exceptionally clever or an exceptionally useful work.

I want to do them good without their knowing it. I want to do you all good - to improve your minds and to make you think, if I can. What you will thank after you have read the book, I do not want to know. Indeed, I would rather not know.

It will be sufficient reward for me to feel that I have done my duty and to receive a percentage on the gross sales!" - Extract from the Preface.
Diary of a Pilgrimage by Jerome K Jerome 
Diary of a Pilgrimage (fiction)
Jerome K. Jerome (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:

love this book, equally to 3 men in a boat..describes Jerome and his friend going to see the passion play in Germany...well, more the getting there than anything...and is so humorous and enjoyable as it appears to take weeks and neither seem to be able to be understood by anyone foreign (especially when ordering omelettes) and it is just perfect..highly recommend
I was lucky enough to receive a version of this book dating from before 1912! I am by no means well read, or pretend to be, but Jerome speaks to me from beyond the grave in such a timeless fashion that still leaves me in creases; I will always recommend him. The simple premise of writing an essay on clocks or tea kettles I find hilarious on its own. 

Where does one start with such a subject let alone make it interesting? Well, If humour be the food of love, read on. His sense of humour is very warm and apart from the odd noun its easy to forget how long ago it was written which impresses me. 

Alas, I am no fit judge of the writing style, I can rarely sustain a whole book - all those pages! So maybe that speaks for its self in that it is one of a select few that I have read cover to cover, a noble feat! Most books fail around page 19. I know what I like and well written or not this is it.
JKJ genius. Some of his best writing.
Not all of his work, like his contemporaries, can now be captured/dramatized in period theme stories on film and, therefore, must be read.

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Diary of a Pilgrimage by Jerome K Jerome kindle free books download

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