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Before Proposition 172, being a Citizen was a way to separate one’s self from the rest of society. After Proposition 172, the rest of the world truly was separate from you. It was such a simple answer, really. How could one keep every undesirable part of society away from the parts that deserved better? Move it.

In the city of Haven, the dreams of the Citizens have been realized in the Separation project. No longer will people of good stature and breeding be required to interact with the working class, the filthy and disease-ridden rejects that fill the streets. No longer will real people have to suffer junkies, criminals, and thieves. Instead, a cleaner and purer world has been crafted to suit your every need. The best part? Well, all those undesirables had to be worth something, after all. Why not just use them? Give them a short re-education and make them docile workers.

This is the world that a young woman named Kaylee lives in. One where Citizens, the aristocratic elite, capture and enslave ordinary people to suit their needs. This is the Haven of constant fear, where any moment you might be brutally beaten by a gang, stolen by a squad of Citizen “recruiters,” or you might simply starve to death. It is a world of darkness, hidden far below the bright and shining city where the Citizens and their ilk live in splendor. It is a world without hope.

Yet in these dark slums beneath the city of Haven, things are being set in motion. Plans are being carried out, forces are being gathered. The powerful and reclusive slumlord, Elijah, starts a chain of events which will swallow everyone in the city - Citizen and undesirable alike.

Stuck in the middle, Kaylee and her companions will be forced into the horrifying realization that is at the core of life in Haven: no action is without consequence.

Haven (Science Fiction)
Justin Kemppainen (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:

When I first began reading this book, I didn't expect a novel quite as dark as this. It has sort of haunting imagery that really stuck with me.

The story follows a few people, switching perspectives frequently, but not so much that it's confusing or troublesome. The plot is enthralling and it's hard not to care about the fate of the characters which not only occupy Old Haven (the city below) but those few you become attached to in New Haven (the city above).

It is actually rather difficult to sum up this book in a few lines. The Citizens, on the surface city of New Haven, think they have a perfect life but as an outsider you realize it's all smoke and mirrors. There is no freedom, they just live in a pretty cage. For those that live underneath, they make their own choices and have absolute control over their decisions, but the choices they have are rather meager. They face starvation and capture at every turn. Their world is complicated and dangerous and you cannot help but hope for them to see the sun again, no matter the cost.

The ending is an exciting but absolutely heartbreaking twist that has left me eagerly awaiting the sequel.

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