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Paranormality by Richard Wiseman - Psychology - kindle book download and review

Paranormality - Why we see what isn't there. Professor Richard Wiseman. (Psychology)

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'Experiments that investigate the paranormal are bizarre and entertaining, and Wiseman is a witty guide in what is often a mind-boggling read. Ultimately you'll discover why your brain is far more extraordinary than any of the supernatural claims in this book.' --New Scientist

'You might think this book is a party-pooper, removing the wonder from the our lives... (but) the message of Wiseman's book is positive. Forget about searching for wonder in the supernatural, because it does not exist. Instead, focus on the wondrous events surrounding all of us every day.'
Simon Singh, Mail on Sunday

For the past twenty years, psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman has immersed himself in the weird world of supernatural science; testing telepaths, spending nights in haunted castles, and attempting to talk with the dead. In Paranormality he cuts through the hype and goes in search of the truth behind extraordinary stories of poltergeists, possession and second sight. And along the way, he shows us some really rather remarkable things about how our brains work, how it is possible to have an out-of-body experience or lucid dream of our own, and just why we feel the need to believe. . . Praise for 59 Seconds: 'At last, a self-help guide that is based on proper research. Perfect for busy, curious, smart people' Simon Singh 'A triumph of scientifically proven advice over misleading myths of self-help. Challenging, uplifting and long overdue' Derren Brown

Paranormality (Psychology)
Richard Wiseman (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:

I enjoyed this book, but having read some Wiseman before, it all seems a bit familiar. (Although the style seems a little more humourous than usual, which might put off some people seeking a more sensitive approach to the subject)

Predictably those convinced by parapsychology have attacked the book, (the sole reason for most of the one star reviews) however all the mountains of peer-reviewed research 'proving' parapsychology phenomena have a a habit of disappearing when one goes into the details... so I am on Wiseman's side in this debate - but that is my problem. Wiseman promises us not a re-hash of the old 'is it true or isn't it' debate but psychological evidence as to why and how people are so easily taken in. The book does this in places, but in fact a lot of space is taken up by the old debate on the existence on parapsychological phenomena. If you have done any reading on this topic before, large swathes of the book will already be familiar to you.

When Wiseman does use psychological explanations, more details might be useful - psychological explanations have a habit of sounding rather tenuous or so obvious they could be used to explain anything (an unfair perception, but not necessarily helped by Wiseman occasionally recycling data from previous works). This issue is not restricted to Wiseman or hot debates such as this, but it means a lay audience may need more convincing that a psychology experiment is really the best explanation for certain phenomena.

In summary, if this is your first foray into this area, this is an excellent introduction in a light readable style, if you need more convincing, further reading is recommended.