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Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne - kindle ebook download and review

Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne

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This book proves Verne's greatness as a writer of fiction. The science in this science fiction flies largely in the face of modern science, yet the read is no less gripping today than it was in its infancy. The story is pretty simple. Professor Lidenbrock, a neurotically impatient scientist, discovers a cryptic manuscript written by a long-dead explorer; with the help of his nephew, he decodes the cryptogram to read an account of a journey to the center of the earth begun beneath a dormant volcano in Iceland. The nephew, Axel, a talented geologist and mineralogist himself, refuses to believe that the core of the earth is not exceedingly hot; additionally, he cares more about Grauben, the eccentric professor's ward, than risking his life on a scientific adventure. He proves unable to dissuade his uncle and thus joins with him on a journey to Iceland. There, they hire a stoic Icelander to lead them down into the earth. Most of the action takes place underground, with the adventurers suffering several trials, daring risks, and finally discovering a whole new world hidden miles below the earth's crust. The ultimate trial and danger they face consists of returning to the surface.

Verne knows how to tell a story, and you don't have to know a single thing about science to enjoy this novel immensely.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth (Classic)
Jules verne (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:

A timeless popular classic from the father of science-fiction, I had seen the film before but I had not read the book since childhood. Reading it again made me marvel at the imagination and igenuity of a man who wrote this book remember, at the same time as the American Civil War was being played out across the Atlantic. His description of the geology encountered on the journey and the scientific observations noted by the Professor and Axel make the one hundred and thirty years since this book was first published seem irrelevant. It makes you pause and think and if you are prepared to have your disbelief suspended then you will enjoy the journey.

Starting in Hamburg, where Professor Lidenbrock uncovers a rare manuscript, the "Heims Kringlas", containing an encyphered message by Arne Saknussemm, a famous 16th-century Icelandic alchemist, telling of his journey to the centre of the earth, we are transported on an amazing journey to the very bowels of the earth with the Professor, his ever-suffering nephew Axel and their stoical Icelandic guide Hans.

From their starting point inside the Icelandic volcano Sneffels, our trio follow in the footsteps of Saknussemm, descending along a trail of underground passages, lava gallerys and amazing geological formations; overcoming exhaustion, dead-ends and a lack of water, before emerging onto an underground sea lit by an "electric light", and inhabited by prehistoric creatures. More astounding still; they catch sight of twelve foot high humans who tend flocks of mastodons.

Through it all the Professor exhorts and bullies, Axel despairs and questions, whilst Hans, silently and without ceremony, saves their lives again and again.

The book contains a truly memorable passage when Axel becomes separated from the Professor and Hans seventy-five miles underground. His feelings of absolute panic and despair are vividly depicted by Verne and linger long in the memory.

Unfortunately our adventurers don't actually reach the centre of the earth (unlike Saknussemm), much to the Professors disappointment, instead, after being dragged down an abyss on a raft, they are shot up and out of an active volcano, finding themselves in Sicily.

An exhilarating book written in an age when there was still so much exploring left to do, by a man with an almost boyish enthusiasm for adventure and mystery. "Journey to the Centre of the Earth" has stood the test of time and will continue to do so as long as there are people willing to be transported on fantastic literary journeys.