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Grimm's Fairy Stories by the Grimm Brothers Save 100%

FREE "Hansel and Grethel", "Little Snow White", "Little Red Cap", "The Golden Goose", "Cinderella", "Rapunzel", and "The Frog Prince", to name just a few.

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This is an excellent collection of fairy tales by the brothers Grimm, published in 1922. It contains 25 fairy stories, very characteristic of Grimm's work, which included more then 200 folk stories and fairy tales. Some of the best loved fairy tales are in this collection, like

"Hansel and Grethel", "Little Snow White", "Little Red Cap", "The Golden Goose", "Cinderella", "Rapunzel", and "The Frog Prince", to name just a few.

These wonderful, fascinating and at times dark fairy tales are accompanied by beautiful coloured illustrations by John B. Gruelle and many lovely pen & ink sketches by R. Emmett Owen.

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Grimm's Fairy Stories (fiction)
Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm (Authors)
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Reviews from Amazon: 

Downloaded this for Kindle as it was free!! What a bargain!!! I had forgotten so many of these tales, really fun to read now and appreciate as an adult. I am sure they would cause controversy if similar were written today. Inhumane, cruelty to animals, child snatchers, poor parenting skills, etc. etc. fantastic!
Original no frills fairy tales. Still a fantastic read as an adult. Well worth a read even for those who think they have outgrown this genre.
Great to read the real stories instead of the Disney interpretations which are very watered down and all of the atmosphere is removed.
There is a reason the classics are classic. Beautifully written, spellbinding and amazing, would read whenever I wanted and be caught back up in minutes.

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Grimm's Fairy Stories by the Grimm Brothers download and review

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