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Pollen by Aaron Lamb

Pollen (dystopian science fiction) by Aaron Lamb
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 Pollen (dystopian science fiction) by Aaron Lamb

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Pollen (dystopian science fiction) by Aaron LambFREE: Pollen (dystopian science fiction) by Aaron Lamb

From the Author
I am fascinated by the idea that we have access to so much information about the world, and a vast collection of human knowledge to learn from, yet we seem to create smaller and smaller silos and communities in which to live.  We create cultural bubbles that we never have to leave. We insist on continually building walls.  We choose to engage in remote character assassinations instead of having a debate about ideas and beliefs.  We still build physical walls between countries like Morocco and Mali and Israel and Palestine.  We still repeat the mistakes of the past.  From the comfort of our chosen communities we sit back, pick a side and watch the hero and villain fight it out. This book is about the futility of conflict, of villains and entrenched opinions in a digital age where we can always see both sides of the argument... if we choose. I've always been a fan of science fiction and it's ability to take complex social and political situations and expose the roots of the issues.  This story is my attempt to do just that.


Pollen (dystopian science fiction) by Aaron Lamb free

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