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The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham (fiction) kindle free books download and review

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The concept of the triffids is intriguing. A plot of global calamity on the scale created in the Day of the Triffids, should surely present enough substance for 3cm of bookshelf without the necessity of vegetable monsters causing further havoc.

You won't read this book if you base your decision on a quick summary: "A mysterious green meteor shower blinds most of humanity, who are then preyed upon by large, ambulatory, three-legged plants that lash long, poisonous, whip-like tentacles out of their stalks.

Our hero, spared the blindness by a timely stay in the hospital, finds romance and socio-political insight as he helps rebuild civilization. All of this happens in the UK."

Suspend your disbelief and read the book. The motivations and actions of people trying to survive are realistic and interesting. And the various philosophies for both individual and group survival are thought-provoking.

You will enjoy this story if you have enjoyed any of The Stand, Alas, Babylon, or Earth Abides. It is a thoughtful exploration of the fall of civilization and its implications, packaged in an engaging adventure. Good reading.

The Day of the Triffids (science fiction)
John Wyndham (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:

After having recently reviewed the film of 1961, I pulled this off the shelf and was utterly enthralled by the story and consistent mood. In contrast to the film, this is first-rate scifi, one in the genre where most of humanity is wiped out and a few individuals are left to deal with the aftermath.

Interestingly, the triffids are not alien, though their origin is mysterious, and rather than some monstrous transformation they move to fill an ecological niche that opens before them with the disaster that blinds most of humanity. 

However, they are just the backdrop to a wonderful exploration of human possibility and its limits, in the bizarre circumstnace that scifi allows. Indeed, there are entire chapters where they are barely mentioned. This is what the best scifi does, convincingly explores a path that is believable and leads to reflection on one's own circumstances.

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